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We specialise in cultivating an eTraining culture for your company. Our All-In-One eTraining Solution equips your employees with the skills, knowledge, and tools to create course content, produce training videos, and use our customised Learning Management System to conduct online training within your company. With this complete suite of tools and resources, you can fully manage your employee training in-house, eliminating the need to depend on third-party providers. Everything you need for effective, in-house training is taken care of, simplifying your training process and giving you total control.

Benefits of Using Our All-In-One eTraining Solution

Reduce Company Expenses

Improve Employee Productivity

Increase Company Profits

Everyday Training-Related Problems Your Company Might Face

Does the Following Sound Familiar to You?

  • Wasted Resources: You invested time, effort and money on training your employees. You even paid them salaries on the dates they were away from your office attending training. Unfortunately, most of them resigned after a period of time.
  • Forgotten Lessons: You send your employees for courses with external training providers but they quickly forget what they learned. This makes the training less useful.
  • Waiting for Training: Sometimes you need your employees to acquire a certain skill urgently only to find out the next available date for the course offered by an external training provider is weeks or months away. And also, there is no guarantee the course will be carried out as it can be postponed or cancelled due to low enrolment.
  • Missing Employees: Your employees are not available to attend to urgent tasks during the period when they are away from your office attending training. This can slow down your business.
  • Busy HR Team: Your HR team spends a lot of time assisting, briefing and onboarding new employees. This happens often and takes up a lot of their time.
  • Repeating Training: Your existing employees end up wasting a lot of time explaining the tasks to a new employee because the one who resigned has already left after serving notice period and is not around to offer explanations or share experiences.

If your answer is a ‘Yes’ to any of the above, you have probably not realised that you have wasted a lot of time, effort and money on employee training and development. But fortunately, there is technology available to solve the issues highlighted above easily and in a cost-effective way. And that technology is equipping your company with relevant online training tools.

Empowering Your Business with Our eTraining Solution

An All-In-One eTraining Solution Tailored for Your Company.

Our All-In-One eTraining Solution is designed to give your company complete control over the training program. The core of our offering is the eTraining Platform, a customised Learning Management System (LMS) used exclusively for conducting online training. Alongside, we provide additional tools for your team to create engaging course content and produce training videos. This comprehensive approach ensures that you can manage your training programs independently, without relying on external providers. It’s a complete package tailored to your company’s specific training needs, giving you the autonomy to direct your training strategies effectively.

  • Skill & Tool Empowerment: Equip your employees with the skills and tools needed to create engaging course content and training videos.
  • Customised Platform Utilisation: Utilise our custom eTraining Platform for efficient and accessible online training.
  • Training Autonomy: Experience the freedom and control of managing your own training content, with courses tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Advantages of Our Online Training Approach

  • Complete Control: You retain full control of your training program. All your employees can access the courses at any time and from anywhere, and you have full control over the content they digest and there is no need to pay training fees every year.
  • Flexible Learning Pace: The opportunity to “playback” and review any part of the video content allows an individual to retain information and learn at their own pace.
  • Immediate Access: The ‘on demand’ nature of online training allows your employees to view the videos in the quickest possible time. It eliminates waiting time caused by course schedules, including any postponement or cancellation due to low enrolment.
  • Adaptable Training: Online training is flexible and allows the employees to access whenever convenient and to stop when there are more urgent tasks to take care of at work.
  • Streamlined Onboarding: Automate a large part of your onboarding process by creating orientation videos with key information about your business, expectations and corporate culture.
  • Custom Content Creation: You can create customised content on critical job functions that are vital to your business operations so that when an employee resigns, it would be easier for the new incoming employee to get up to speed with what is required of her/ him.
  • Cost-Effective: Training videos are created only once and can be viewed repeatedly, reducing the need for repeated expenditure.

Who Is This For?

Tailored for Every Company’s Training Needs.

Whether you are exploring online training for the first time or looking to enhance your existing program, our services are ideal for all types of companies.

Why Choose Us​

Comprehensive Training and Tools:

Description: We equip your employees with all the tools and training necessary for a smooth online training transition. This includes developing course content, producing training videos, and using the eTraining Platform.

Benefit: Your team will gain the skills and knowledge for an easy transition, with the ability to create video content and videos in-house. This not only saves costs on outsourcing but also ensures a seamless training process under our expert guidance.

Exclusive LMS Management Services:

Description: Unique in our field, we manage the LMS for you. Once your team creates training videos, you simply transfer them to us. We handle everything else, from uploading to the eTraining Platform to configuring course settings.

Benefit: This service saves significant time and simplifies the training process, freeing you to concentrate on other critical business operations.

Our Approach and Service Package

Easy and Cost-Effective Online Training Solution.

Our approach and service packages are designed to simplify and economise the implementation of your online training program. With our comprehensive solutions, you won’t need to depend on external parties for training, unless it is made compulsory by a government agency. Our user-friendly, efficient tools and resources give you complete control over your training needs, making the transition to online training simpler and more beneficial for your business.

Let’s Get Started

Experience Our System in Action.

Curious about how our system can revolutionise your training program? Contact us for a no-obligation demonstration. We offer flexible options to showcase our platform, including virtual demos via Zoom or in-person sessions at your premises, catering to your convenience. (Note: Zoom calls are available for enquiries outside of Singapore).