Your All-In-One eTraining Solution.

Going online is easier than you think.

Reduce Company Expenses. Improve Employee Productivity. Increase Company Profits.

Expand Your Company’s Training Capabilities with Our Comprehensive eTraining Solution.

At Corporate Training Online Pte Ltd, we are dedicated to transforming the way your company conducts training. Our All-In-One eTraining Solution is designed to provide a seamless transition to online training, tailored to meet the unique needs of your company.

Our All-In-One eTraining Solution Includes:


eTraining Platform

A customised LMS platform that enables your employees to login and view the assigned courses. (Includes domain name)


Video Creation Software

An easy-to-use software that will enable you to create, record, and edit training videos.


How to Create Course Content Easily Using AI

An online course that teaches your employees how to easily create course content using AI.


How to Create Training Videos Easily Using Screen Recording

An online course that teaches your employees how to easily create and record training videos from their own computers.


Pre-Loaded Courses in eTraining Platform

Kickstart your training immediately with five pre-loaded courses focused on employee development, readily available on the eTraining Platform.


eTraining Platform Management

We will manage the eTraining Platform for you! Once your team have created the training videos, we will handle the rest – from uploading the videos to the eTraining Platform to configuring the settings for each course.

Types of Custom Courses Your Employees Can Create

Job Scope and Functions:

Create video content on specific roles within your company.

Past Courses Attended:

Courses your employees attended previously can be turned into training videos (ensure videos created do not breach any copyright).

Future Learning Opportunities:

Have an employee attend external courses and then create an internal training video (ensure videos created do not breach any copyright).

Expertise and Skills:

Create videos on any areas of expertise or skillset your employees possess.

Software Usage:

Create guides on how to use company-specific software like HRIS, Payroll Software, MYOB/ABSS Accounting Software, etc.

Safety Protocols:

Develop safety training course relevant to your company’s operations.

Sales Skills:

Produce sales training videos to enhance team performance.

New Employee Orientation:

Onboard new employees effectively with detailed orientation videos.

Employee Personal Development:

Create courses on time management, handling difficult customers, networking effectively with customers and other soft skills.

Product and Service Overviews:

Allow employees and customers to learn about your offerings through detailed videos.

Our All-In-One eTraining Solution is not just about providing tools; it’s about empowering your company to take complete ownership of your training process, making it as effective and efficient as possible. Additionally, it enables your employees to create courses for your company as well as view courses created by other employees.

Ready to Transform Your Training Approach?

Connect with us to explore how our eTraining solution can be the catalyst for your company’s growth and development. Whether you’re just starting with online training or looking to enhance an existing program, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us for a personalised consultation or to schedule a demo of our platform.